Exhibitors From Across the Wood Energy Industry

In the year of perfect vision, the 2020 Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo will feature approximately 50 exhibitors from across the wood energy industry. And companies are still coming in to exhibit right now! You can view the entire current lineup at bioenergyshow.com, but a special shout out to our GOLD level exhibitors—AFRY (Pöyry), Bandit, Cogent Industrial Technologies, Dürr MEGTEC, Sigma Thermal and TSI—these companies…Read More

Industry Activism: Keeping the Environmentalists at Bay

Danny Dructor, executive vice president of American Loggers Council, will provide an in-woods biomass industry perspective during the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo in Atlanta. Dructor will address the status of the logging ranks, how loggers have taken to new markets in wood energy, and how the logging industry is more than holding its own…Read More

Pinnacle’s Scott Bax Will Address North America Expansion

Scott Bax, Chief Operating Officer at Pinnacle Renewable Energy, will deliver one of the keynote talks during the upcoming Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo scheduled March 10-11 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Ga. Pinnacle continues to broaden its North American landscape and Bax will address the company’s partnership strategies, including the recently announced plan…Read More

That Fine Line Between Successful And Less Than Successful Project Implementation

There’s a fine line between successful project implementation and, well… less than successful project implementation. During the 2020 Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo, Fram Renewables President Harold Arnold will moderate a panel discussion with representatives from Evergreen Engineering, Mid-South Engineering and Casey Industrial on what it takes to get it right. Following short presentations from…Read More

Status of Advanced Pellet Technologies

Following William Strauss’ keynote presentation during the upcoming Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo, he will lead a panel discussion called “Is It Time to Move to Pellets 2.0?” The discussion will address the technical and economic status of advanced pellet technologies. Panelists will show how torrefied pellets can break through and compete in the global…Read More

Gonzalez to Cover Global Pellet Market

As the demand for wood pellets produced in North America continues to grow worldwide, Jose Gonzalez, senior principal with consulting firm Pöyry, will unpack the ever changing dynamics of the global pellet market and its impact to the North American supply during a keynote presentation at the 2020 Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo. Demand in…Read More

New Initiative Gets Tough On Anti-Wood Groups

Remember when the Dogwood Alliance protested outside of the 2016 Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo, as Enviva CEO John Keppler was speaking inside? At the 2020 Wood Bio Conference next March, groups such as the Dogwood Alliance will be taken to task. Brian Rogers will provide an overview of the new initiative, Future Forests +…Read More

Non-Wood Bioenergy Crops + Wood For Sustainable Energy Production

Sustainable, closed-loop bioenergy crops can supplement or replace wood in a variety of bioenergy applications. One such crop is giant reed. Wendy Owens, CEO of Hexas Biomass LLC, will speak about it at the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo. In direct combustion, testing has shown giant reed burns at about 8,000 BTU/lb. and, when torrefied,…Read More

Double Duty On Digital

Bijan Shams, president of Cogent Industrial Technologies, will deliver presentations at the sixth Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo and at the seventh Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo, which will be held consecutively, next March 10-11 and March 12-13, at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.     Shams, whose…Read More

2020 Wood Bio Keynote Speakers

Hosted by Wood Bioenergy magazine and Georgia Research Institute, the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo will feature several keynote presentations from leaders in all facets of the wood-based energy production industry, including John Keppler, CEO, Enviva Biomass, the world’s biggest producer of wood pellets; Raul Kirjanen, CEO, Graanul Invest, Europe’s largest producer of wood pellets; and William Strauss, President,…Read More