March 12-13, 2024

Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, GA

The Educational Event for the Wood Bioenergy Industry, Including Wood Pellets, Biomass Power, Biofuels, In-Woods Chipping, Raw Material Procurement




The Countdown Is On!

We are pleased to announce that the eighth Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo will be held Tuesday – Wednesday, March 12-13, 2024, and once again in the Grand Ballroom North of the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Going into the seventh Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo, organizers said the lineup of keynote speakers, on paper, was the best in the history of the event. The real thing was even better. Speakers from their wide-ranging perspectives provided a crystal clear picture of how the wood-based energy industry shapes up today and what to expect moving forward.

The avalanche of insightful information prompted one attendee to comment, “You never get to hear so many important people from the leading companies talk at one event, but we heard them here.”

“Here” was the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Grand Ballroom North, which is where the event has been held since its inception, and this time during March 29-30. Several “big picture” keynote talks were interspersed between two-dozen technical presentations on subjects such as Fire Prevention, Raw Materials, Process Optimization and Developing Technologies.

And when not enjoying the presentations, the attendees were able to comb the exhibit area, where 50 leading equipment and technology companies set up shop.

“The mood was fantastic,” comments Jessica Johnson, managing editor of Wood Bioenergy magazine, which hosted the event. “I think it was a combination of people so looking forward to getting out in-person and the tremendous momentum of the wood-based energy industry.”

As evidenced in the keynote talks, momentum is not only the result of a growing number of production-related projects, but also due to the increasing awareness of the environmental benefits that wood-based energy brings to discussions on carbon emissions, carbon capture, climate change and forestland management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

The Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo is co-hosted by Wood Bioenergy magazine and Georgia Research Institute. It has been held every two years since 2010 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

  • What does the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo emphasize?

The Wood Bio event caters to the wood-to-energy industry, including industrial wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, in-woods chipping and biomass procurement. Approximately 40 speakers, including eight keynoters, will address new projects, technologies and markets in those industries.

  • Who attends the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

The attendance usually numbers up to 300, composed of ownership, officers, management and supervisory personnel from the leading wood-to-energy firms in the world.

  • Is there an exhibitor element to the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

Yes, the exhibition is held on a Ballroom Floor immediately adjacent the seminar rooms. The exhibitor event is a key strength the Wood Bio event.

  • What makes the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo different from other industry events?

The Wood Bio Conference & Expo focuses purely on wood-to-energy and is more focused on new project development than any other event.

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