Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo


March 12-13, 2024

Omni Atlanta Hotel at Centennial Park
Atlanta, GA

The Educational Event for the Wood Bioenergy Industry, Including Wood Pellets, Biomass Power, Biofuels, In-Woods Chipping, Raw Material Procurement




2024 Presenters

Brandi Colander

Senior Vice President
Chief Sustainability Officer & Government Affairs

Sustainably Scaling Wood Biomass

Within an evolving and expanding regulatory landscape and under increased external scrutiny, it is critical to stand by your sustainability practices through transparent and verifiable means. This presentation will outline how Enviva, the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, has committed to doing this through responsible sourcing practices.

Matt Devitt

VP Aftermarket Department
LDX Solutions

Which APC Equipment Is Best for Your Needs & How to Ensure Compliance & Production Goals with It

Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment is required for compliance; however, there are many options depending on one’s needs. Additionally, improper maintenance and operation of the APC system will impact upstream equipment efficiency, production output, and compliance. This presentation will provide an overview of APC systems, explain their basic operating principles, and describe the best application for each. We will also discuss what is involved in keeping an APC system running at peak efficiency and attaining the site’s production and compliance goals.

Nicholas Dottino

CEO & Chairman of the
Management Board
Graanul Invest

Next Highway to Growth—SAF, Biofuels, BECCS

Sustainable biomass is poised to revolutionize future applications. As we explore the next growth avenues for biomass, it is clear that biomass will continue to shape the energy landscape, but entirely new sectors are waiting to be discovered. Which avenues will biomass explore next, and how do we ensure we’re on the right path? Join Graanul Invest CEO Nicholas Dottino as he explores the innovative possibilities of sustainable biomass in emerging sectors like Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), advanced biofuels, and the transformative potential of BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage) in our journey to net-zero.

Taylor Fitts

Vice President,
Communications & External Affairs
U.S. Industrial Pellet
Association (USIPA)

Changing the Narrative on Biomass

Since its inception, the biomass industry has struggled to manage critics and effectively communicate its positive contributions for the climate and society. This presentation will offer perspective on how the industry can address and overcome this challenge to unlock its full potential.

Dane Floyd

Biomass Engineering
& Equipment

Projects That Predict the Future

Known for his grasp of the big picture for the wood bioenergy industry, Dane will talk about “Projects That Predict the Future,” pointing to the evolvement and development of several projects since the 2022 conference, their potential volumes and impacts to fiber allocation. He’ll speak on the incredible growth in the number and size of biochar projects, noting BE&E is involved in a number of these. What is driving it and will it last? He’ll touch on a fascinating project of wood expansion gases going directly to a turbine and genset without the typical (and expensive) boiler and steam train between them. He’ll review wood to metallurgical carbon projects that are finally becoming reality; as well as wood sugars projects. He’ll note that growth in woody biomass use in the ethanol industry is not just about cellulosic ethanol. He’ll explain why. He’ll look at the increased pace of the sale of small-scale CHP units—except in the U.S., while pointing to Austria to see the future. And he’ll touch on why the days of wood pellets to electrical energy are limited.

Wedig Graf Grote

VP Sales North America
STELA Drying Technology Corp.

Combined Innovation: Biochar Meets Low Temperature Belt Drying

This session will focus on how state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology creates excess heat, which is provided to an innovative low temperature belt dryer to prepare the feedstock used in the pyrolysis process. With the circle complete, the process creates high tech biochar for use as a soil amendment, in environmental remediation and for other beneficial uses.

Todd Havican

Sales Director
Fagus GreCon

Emerging Technologies in Spark Detection and Extinguishing

This presentation includes a review of new technology in spark detection and extinguishing, highlighting what this new technology does to better protect facilities.

Topics to be covered include

1) Types of ignition sources and types of detectors that should be used to detect these sources
2) New Detector – Intelligent DLD 1/9 spark detector and how this detector uniquely can detect the spectrum of ignition sources: mechanically generated sparks, burning material, hot particles and smoldering nests
3) Extinguishment Process – discussing the importance of spraying patterns, calculations of distance from detection and the amount of water to be used
4) New Intelligent Extinguishment Module (IEM) that helps predict maintenance to keep systems safer and more reliable – optimizing maintenance costs.

Andrew Johnson

Vice President

Biochar Production and Applications

What are the pathways to commercial production of biochar at scale? How do you control production so that biochar can be tailored to different applications? What are some of the emerging markets for biochar and how does the requirements of those markets affect the production process?

Alexander A. Koukoulas, Ph.D.

AFRY Management Consulting

Re-Navigating the Skies: Decarbonizing the Aviation Sector, the Outlook for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, and the Impact on Wood Demand

Decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries like the aviation sector poses unique hurdles due to their reliance on fossil fuels. In this presentation, we focus on the current state of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) as a promising alternative, assessing their environmental impact and the potential to revolutionize the industry’s carbon footprint. Emphasis is placed on the intricate relationship between the aviation sector’s decarbonization and the demand for wood resources as a low-carbon feedstock in SAF production. We highlight the multifaceted challenges associated with scaling up SAF production, including technological, economic, and policy barriers. We also discuss opportunities for innovation and collaboration that can drive progress in delivering SAF production volumes at scale and discuss the complex landscape surrounding the transition to low-carbon alternatives in the aviation industry.

Will Marquis

Sales Manager U.S. & Canada
Pyreg, Inc.

Combined Innovation: Biochar Meets Low Temperature Belt Drying

This session will focus on how state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology creates excess heat, which is provided to an innovative low temperature belt dryer to prepare the feedstock used in the pyrolysis process. With the circle complete, the process creates high tech biochar for use as a soil amendment, in environmental remediation and for other beneficial uses.

Colin Miller

Partner & Managing Director

Return on Compliance

EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulation) promises to be highly disruptive in the wood biomass energy sector. Still, companies within and outside the EU that can successfully navigate the data- and analysis-intensive requirements of the new regulation stand to differentiate themselves in the market in significant ways. Join Colin for an exploration of “Return on Compliance” and how companies can build on existing principles with new tools to discover new synergies.

Timo Müller

Business Development Director

Current Pelleting Technology Trends

The pelleting industry is constantly evolving. While industrial biomass pellets are most relevant in North America, Europe focuses more on residential heating pellets. There is a lot that both production markets can learn from each other. This presentation will show current trends in the wood pelleting industry, focusing on the pretreatment of the raw material as well as the pelleting itself and finally the storage of pellets.

Wendy Owens

Founder & CEO
Hexas Biomass

One Fiber, Multiple Co-Products—How to Sugar Coat Energy Pellets

There is much more to biomass than just BTUs. This presentation will look at biomass, wood and non-wood, as sources of multiple co-products, like sugars and lignin, in addition to being sources for direct combustion fuel. To displace fossil fuel-based products it is necessary to borrow from the crude refining model and work to use the “whole biomass buffalo” to improve sustainability and return on investment. Driven by the bourgeoning bioeconomy, this model is a continuation of using timber for multiple applications and this presentation will review the advantages of the biochemical applications of biomass.

Tyler Player

Player Design Inc.

How We Did It: Creating A Greenfield Sugarcane Pellet Facility

Using the Delta Biofuels bagasse pellet plant in Jeanerette, Louisiana as an example, this talk discusses the ins and outs of the PDI approach to EPC projects, including key learnings and pain point resolutions.

Paul Schubert

Strategic Biofuels

Converting Forestry Waste to Negative Carbon Footprint Transportation Fuels

Strategic Biofuels is developing a series of deeply negative carbon footprint plants in northern Louisiana that convert waste materials from managed and sustainable forests into renewable transportation fuels. The project incorporates conversion of plantation pine forest thinnings into the fuel, production of green power primarily from sawmill waste, capture of carbon dioxide emissions from those processes and its permanent geologic sequestration. Strategic Biofuels has been engaged in a cooperative program with the U.S. Forest Service together with input from the U.S. EPA on qualification of the wood feedstocks under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which has resulted in a practical guide for compliant feedstock identification. This effort has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of wood from plantation and natural timber stands that is qualified funder the RFS relative to the traditional views. Both RFS compliance and the status of the project will be discussed.

William Strauss

Founder & President

Large Scale Use of Pellet Fuel is Coming to the U.S. Electric Utility Sector: Why and How Explained

Many jurisdictions around the world already use pellet fuel to replace coal in power generation. Baseload and on-demand generation using carbon beneficial wood pellet fuel is an essential complement to any decarbonization strategy. This presentation will describe how that is being done elsewhere and why and how it will be done in the U.S. over the next several years.

Seth Walker

Senior Manager, Strategy

Emerging Bioenergy Opportunities: Timber and Forestry Considerations

Exploring the role of forests and bioenergy in the U.S. energy transition, including new opportunities like Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). Discussion from the lens of a forest landowner, including policy incentives, silvicultural regimes, and other considerations.

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This is the third of three parts in the coverage of the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo held March 29-30, 2022 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center and hosted by Wood Bioenergy magazine. Part one in the June issue focused on the keynote talks from producer and consultant personnel. Part two in the August issue highlighted several presentations delivered by representatives of equipment and technologies companies. The next Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo will be held March 12-13, 2024 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga…

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