Speaker Topics and Speakers continue to be added. List is alphabetized by speakers’ last name.

“Catalytic Removal of VOCs and HAPs at Wood Pellet Plants”
Dr. Grigorii Bunimovich, Owner and COO, Matros Technologies

“Dynamics of the Global Pellet Market and Impact to North American Supply”
José González, Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

“Differences On How Biomass is Produced and Delivered in Europe vs. the U.S.”
Raul Kirjanen, CEO, Graanul Invest

“We Know a Thing or Two Because We’ve Seen a Thing or Two”
Tom Lepak, VP Business Development, Casey Industrial

“Non-wood Bioenergy Crops + Wood for Sustainable Energy Production”
Wendy Owens, CEO, Hexas Biomass

“Using Knowledge Management Initiatives to Achieve Successful Project Implementation”
Justin Price, Principal, Evergreen Engineering

“Combating Misinformation Against Renewable Biomass Energy”
Brian Rogers, Spokesman, Future Forests + Jobs

“Executing Projects in the Digital Age”
Bijan Shams, President, Cogent Industrial Technologies

“Is it Time to Move to Pellets 2.0? What is the Technical and Economic Status of Advanced Pellet Technologies?”
William Strauss, President, FutureMetrics

“Chemo-Mechanical Cellulose Explosion”
Tim Wagler and Lilly D’Angelo, Trinity Green Derivative Products