Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

The Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo is co-hosted by Wood Bioenergy magazine and Georgia Research Institute. It has been held every two years since 2010 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The sixth Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo  will be held again March 29-30, 2022.

What does the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo emphasize?

The Wood Bio event caters to the wood-to-energy industry, including industrial wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, in-woods chipping and biomass procurement. Approximately 40 speakers, including eight keynoters, will address new projects, technologies and markets in those industries.

Who attends the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

The attendance usually numbers up to 300, composed of ownership, officers, management and supervisory personnel from the leading wood-to-energy firms in the world.

Is there an exhibitor element to the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo?

Yes, the exhibition is held on a Ballroom Floor immediately adjacent the seminar rooms. In 2018 Wood Bio hosted nearly 70 10×10 exhibitors. The exhibitor event is a key strength the Wood Bio event.

What makes the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo different from other industry events?

The Wood Bio conference & expo focuses purely on wood-to-energy and is more focused on new project development than any other event.