Harold Arnold

Fram Renewables Fuels

Past, Present and Future of the Wood Pellet Industry

Grigorii Bunimovich

Owner and COO
Matros Technologies

RCO Catalyst Monitoring and Maintenance

Pedro Campilho

Bioenergy Consulting

Converting Coal Power Plants to Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) – Economic Reality or Sustainability Risk?

Jaymie Deemer


Latest in WESP-RTO Installation Designs and Alternate Solutions

Dane Floyd

Veneer Services, Inc.

Latest Advances in NFPA Compliant Material Handling

Ray Ganga

Senior Staff Consulting Engineer
Wellons, Inc.

Start with the Fuel

Rakesh Govind, Ph.D.

PRD Tech, Inc.

Water Reuse in the Bioenergy Sector

Steve Jaasund

Geoenergy Products Manager
LDX Solutions LLC.

RCOs for Wood Dryer VOC Control—Why Not?

Andrew Johnson

Vice President

Torrefaction for an Emerging Market

Jason Kovacik

Sales Manager
Finna Sensor

Increase Throughput and Profitability Through IoT Data-Driven Moisture Control

Amanda Hamsley Lang

COO & Vice President of Client Services
FORISK Consulting

Timber Supply and Outlook

Peter Madden

President and CEO
U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities

Taking Risks Today to Advance Bioenergy for Tomorrow

Jarrad Markley

APC Product Manager

Specifying and Selecting the Right Pollution Control System for Your Pellet Plant

Thomas Meth

Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, Enviva

Current and Future Applications and Growth Opportunities of Sustainable Biomass

Jeff Nichols

Managing Partner
Industrial Fire Prevention

Recent Advancements in Spark Detection Better Protect Your Greenfield Startup

Wendy Owens

Hexas Biomass LLC

Alternatives to Wood in Energy Pellet Production: Vines, Veggies Stalks, and Various Dedicated Energy Crops

Stan Parton

VP Forestry
Strategic Biofuels, LLC.

Strategic Biofuels—Cellulosic Biofuels—A Commercial Reality

Tyler Player

Player Design Inc.

Development of Steam Exploded Pellet Facility in North America

Bernardo Sanson

Sales Engineer
CV Technology

Explosion Mitigation and Prevention Solutions for Bioenergy Facilities

Rodney Schwartz

Senior Vice President
Dürr Systems

Advancement in WESP Design for Dryer Particulate Control

Bijan Shams

Cogent Industrial Technologies

Breaking Down the Complexity of Delivering Capital Projects

William Strauss

President and Founder

Industrial Wood Pellet Markets: Pellet Fuel is a Significant Part of the Strategy to Decarbonize the Power Sector in Many Countries. What about the U.S.?

Larry Sullivan

Bioenergy & Biochemical Sector Sales Manager

What is EPA RFS Compliant Wood?

Tom Thorn

Commercial Manager
Energy Division

Past, Present and Future of the Wood Pellet Industry

Jeff White


Power from Biomass 2.0

Matt White

Executive Vice President
North America Operations

Drax and the Industrial Pellet Landscape in North America

Brad Worsley

Novo Power

Biomass Power in Arizona

Timothy M. Young, Ph.D.

Professor/Data Scientist
University of Tennessee

Digital Twins Using Machine Learning for Optimization in the Sustainable Biomaterials Industries