Harold Arnold

President, Fram Renewable Fuels

“Fram: Ten Years Running. What We’ve Learned As We Move Forward”

Clay Crosby

CEO, Twin Rivers Land & Timber

“Taking Control of Biomass Supply and Demand”

Virginia Dale

Adjunct Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Effects of Wood Pellet Production on Forest Condition in the Southeastern United States

David Digdon

Vice President, Atlantic Combustion Technologies

“Improving the Operating Efficiencies of Industrial Biomass-Fueled Furnaces and Boilers”

Eric Estes

Project Manager, Mid-South Engineering

“More Consideration for Wood Yards”

Jennifer Jenkins

Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Enviva

“Innovation in Sustainability: The Enviva Story”

Andrew Johnson

Vice President, TSI

“Facing the Challenges and Opportunities of the Industrial Wood Pellet Industry”

Amanda Hamsley Lang

COO & Vice President of Client Services, Forisk

“The Industrial Wood Pellet Industry in the U.S. South: Wood Use and Supply Chain Implications”

Rob McCurdy

CEO, Pinnacle Renewable Energy

“Pinnacle’s Pursuit to Own Safety and Drive Results in the Wood Pellet Industry”

Thomas Meth

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Enviva

“Recent Developments and Future Outlook for Global Industrial Wood Pellet Market”

Jerry Morey

President, Bandit Industries

“Refining The Product Line to Meet Emerging Markets”

Richard Peberdy

Vice President Sustainability, Drax Biomas

“Wood for Energy—A View on How International Requirements and Expectations Affect Forests and Sustainability”

Tyler Player

President, Player Design Inc.

“Shipboard Treating of Wood Chips for Export”

Thomas Reilley

Founder and Chairman, Highland Pellets

“The Highland Approach to Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Energy”

Michael Reindorp


“Improving the Operating Efficiencies of Industrial Biomass-Fueled Furnaces and Boilers”

Francisco Ripoll

Export Manager, SUGIMAT

“Energy Efficiency Opportunities: Thermal Oil Versus Steam”

Jeremy Sapp

Vice President, Sapp’s Land & Excavating

“Logging & Chipping: Cents to Operate”

Bijan Shams

President, Cogent Industrial Technologies

“Greater Emphasis On Safety: New and Existing Plants Are Calling for It”

William Strauss

Founder and President, FutureMetrics

“What is the Future of the Industrial Wood Pellet Market? What Countries Will Drive Markets in the 2020s and Will ‘Black’ Pellets Be Part of that Growth?”

Malcolm Swanson

President, Astec, Inc.

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Dr. Brian Via

Regions Bank Professor and Director of the Forest Products Development Center, Auburn University

“Reversing the Trend: Curriculum in Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging”

Dr. Richard Vlosky

Director, Louisiana Forest Products Development Center

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“Forest Products University Graduates: What Does Industry Need?”